Mark Wilson

by on January 18, 2014

The Bobcaygeon Local
February 18, 2011

Mark Wilson 2011Mark Wilson’s hands don’t look exceedingly extraordinary. They are strong, with long, artistic fingers, often tinged with stain, but at first glance there’s nothing of note. Far more noticeable than his hands is his face; it looks like Paul McCartney’s. In fact, his wife, Lynn says that at the grocery store, people often do a double take and stare for a few seconds.

Mark Wilson has many gifts; he’s droll, friendly and humble. He’s got the gift of the gab and always has an interesting or funny comment to add to any conversation. Although he is likely to make a joke if it were pointed out to him, he’s also a romantic. When asked recently how he met his wife, he responded with the location, date and time. To the minute.

Born in Toronto, the middle child of a three boy family, Wilson had an early interest in agriculture. He worked summers as a farm hand. When it was time to go to college, he chose agriculture as his major. Not long into his studies though, he discovered that farming or agri-business might not be for him after all.

At the time, he was living in an apartment above a small furniture refinishing business in Kemptville. During his teen years, he and a buddy used to strip furniture and resell it. It wasn’t long before he was working for the store owner. Mark learned how to expertly restore and repair wooden furniture. He had a knack for it and enjoyed the sense of accomplishment he felt with finishing each piece.

Close to thirty years later, Mark Wilson is considered a master. He repairs and restores furniture for some of the most influential people and well known businesses in Canada. While still in training, he was called to 24 Sussex Drive to work on a Brazilian rosewood sofa belonging to Pierre Trudeau. Trudeau was in residence at the time. He was sleeping, having been up all night pondering his future in Canadian politics. Then there was the Glen Gould piano. It had ring marks from Gould’s coffee cups and Wilson was the man called upon to restore the piano to perfection.

Mark and Lynn Wilson met while working at a commercial furniture installation company in Toronto. Lynn was in charge of 16 male workers; Mark was one of them. Mark took about a year to sweep Lynn off her feet. They have been together ever since.

Not just husband and wife, the Wilson’s work together too. With twenty years experience in the commercial furniture business, Lynn handles the administration and scheduling and Mark handles all the restoration and repairs for their business “Touch Ups Plus”. They provide services to some of Canada’s biggest corporations; CIBC, BMO, IBM, Ellis Don, Town of Pickering, and the Canadian Safety